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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Princess
The Pigeon
& The Frog
A Fable
By Samantha Olenski
(& a little help from Daddy)
Resting against a tree one clear, crisp fall day,
a beautiful young Princess sat reading a book.
A Pigeon happened by and landed just a few feet from her.
“Hello,” said the Pigeon the Princess. “What are you reading?"
I just finished a delightful book about a princess just like me
who kissed a frog who then turned into a prince!” replied the Princess.

“And now I am going to find MY prince!” And off
as the Princess searched and then finally found a frog. Rushing
back and
out of breath, she said to the Pigeon
“Here he is! Here is my prince!”

The Princess was so happy, she didn’t even hear
what the Pigeon was trying to say to her “Princess…
Princess… you don’t understand. Not every frog turns into
a …” The Princess kissed the frog and then stepped back
and watched and waited.
And waited. And waited.


In the meantime, The Princess and The Frog became
fast friends. They played together. Chased butterflies together.
And had a great time just talking to each other.
Finally, The Princess turned to The Frog and
said “Why haven’t you turned into a prince yet? You’re
not going to become my prince! You have wasted
all of my time!”
The Frog was very sad to hear The Princess talk to him like
that. He couldn’t understand why she was so angry with him.
He felt like he had done something wrong. And he
began to cry as The Princess turned and walked away.
“A friend is someone who accepts you just the way you are.”


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Love it :)