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Sunday, February 1, 2009

An abridged special edition of the TMA -- Super Bowl edition.

Obviously this will go down as one of the, if not THEE best Super Bowl game ever. An absolutely incredible ending to the game, a game that saw both defenses running on fumes in the 4th Quarter.

Will get to the game in a bit BUT, as always, I am here to let you know what you COULD have been watching instead of the Super Bowl.

One word sums up what you could have been watching: Marathon. As in numerous channels decided to go on Auto Pilot and hit the play button on many a marathon of TV shows and movies.

Here's just a sampling of the many marathons that dotted the TV landscape on channels other than NBC:
  • Hallmark Channel -- I Love Lucy
  • Versus -- World Extreme Cagefighting
  • Speed Channel -- Pimp My Ride
  • Spike TV -- CSI
  • Oxygen Channel -- America's Next Top Model
  • And... for the 2nd straight year, AMC decided to go with the Death Wish marathon and really, if you're not into football, who better to spend Super Sunday with than Charles Bronson?
Ok, let's get to the game...
  • As per MQ's Timex, Jennifer Hudson's National Anthem checked in at 2 minutes, 24 seconds, which I think was over the 2 minute, 3 second Over/Under.
  • First "Official" Super Bowl spot, first one run after the game started, went to Bud Light. Spot was good, not great. Featured a group of office workers sitting around a conference room table debating how to lower costs. One poor sap suggests cutting out Bud Light at meetings and he is ceremoniously tossed out the window to the street below. Eh... again, liked it, didn't love it.
  • Will show my favorite spots later...
  • John Madden. I love the big fella, I really do, but Lord a'mighty does that man say some strange things and state the obvious a whole helluva lot. Case in point:
  • At one point in discussing Cards' Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt's looking for answers after the First Half, especially in the spectacular way it ended, Big John used the phrase "stew in his own juices." Um, ok... A nice pork roast is delicious when it stews in its own juices, not sure about an NFL Head Coach.
  • Later in the game, the topic turned to Kurt Warner -- for the 5,324 time mind you -- and how different he looks now compared to when he played for the Rams. "When Kurt played for the Rams, he weighed 240 pounds... now he weighs 205. He lost weight." Really? You figured that out all by yourself... nothing gets past Big John.
  • The Boss was large and in charge. A great, GREAT halftime show by Bruce, et al. A little schmaltzy with the "referee" coming out toward the end to throw a "flag" on the boys but overall, thought they sounded great.
  • At the end of the game you had one team making a great comeback only to see their defense, that fought so hard to keep the game close, not be able to make on final stand. Has a familiar ring to it, does it not Eagles fans?
  • Kurt Warner & Ben Roethlisberger. Two big time QBs. Yes Donovan McNabb makes some of the same throws, only he doesn't make them when they count like they did. At least he hasn't shown the propensity to do so as of yet in his career.
  • Finally, before I get to the TV spots... I thought aloud that if the Steelers lost this game, the blame would fall squarely at the feet of their Offensive Line. Time and again, they provided neither adequate protection for Big Ben nor any holes for the Steelers running backs. Big Ben, with his ability to keep plays alive with his feet, was the real MVP of the game.
  • Obviously the Steelers did NOT lose this game so where does the blame fall? Well I have to say the Cards Defense. And it's not just for their failure to stop the Steelers on the final drive. On a drive earlier in the 2H, they were flagged for 3 Personal Fouls.... THREE!
  • This Super Bowl will go down as one of the greatest in history. The rollercoaster of emotion in the 4Q was simply remarkable and unprecedented. It was clearly on of those "shame someone has to lose" kind of games.
  • Ok, here now, in no specific order, are some of the TV spots I liked from yesterday's Super Bowl. Enjoy and I will see you next year with the TMA. Thank you for being a loyal reader!


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