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Sunday, January 11, 2009

So we're about to leave the Nifty Fifty's in Bensalem, PA, our customary Sunday breakfast stop. My wife, kids and I have been patronizing this establishment for many a year. And if you do ever go, ask for Justin and tell him I sent you. He will laugh uncontrollably for a few seconds, but then he'll take care of you.

Anywho, my son Josh decided about two months ago to start collecting these little mini NFL tumblers that available in a vending machine near the exit. Over the past X number of weeks, he's added teams like the Jags, Raiders and yes the Cowboys to his collection. (NOTE: I tried to put that one BACK into the machine but to no avail.)

Well today you'll never guess which team Josh came home with. Yeah, you knew this was coming... we put our two tokens in, turned the handle and out came the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mr. Mojo, is that midnight green you're wearing?

I said this last week, perhaps you did not read the entire TMA? And I say it again on this week's audio rant and will say it right here, right now....


Completely beyond all comprehension? Of course.

Totally unexplainable? Sure thing.

Make your plans for Tampa? You damn skippy.

In a season where logic was most certainly the exception and not the rule, what else would you expect? Dr. Jekyll is here to stay and Mr. Hyde has gone away.

I swear it's as if the entire Eagles team has become Steppenwolf fans and is saying to all of us...

"Well, you don't know what we can find
Why don't you come with me... On a magic carpet ride

Ok, let's get into it...


Not exactly the opening we wanted, huh? Course little did we know it would be a forebarer of things to come. The Giants playing on a short field yet unable to score a touchdown.

Borrowing that line from the ELO song... I should have known this was going to a strange game when a few days before my friend Jason Brennan asked me if I remembered a guy named Ken Rose, who had a cup of coffee for the Eagles in the 90s.

Now, I don't know what's more strange?

The fact that someone other than Ken Rose himself mentioned the name Ken Rose OR the fact that you can actually buy a picture of Ken Rose???!!

But that was just the beginning of the oddities...
  • How can anyone possibly explain the Giants' decision to NOT hand the ball off to the biggest RB in the game (Brandon Jacobs) when they needed ONE YARD, maybe even less? Of course based on how the Eagles stopped Jacobs on 4th & 2 on the next series, it may not have mattered but, I am quite certain the Giants' fans and media will be openly questioning that decision.
  • Why would the Giants not allow Lawrence Tynes (they actually dress TWO kickers) who has longer range than John Carney, try field goals from 46 yards and 47 yards?
  • Not sure how it looked in other parts of the country but in Philly at one key point in the 4Q, we suddenly were NOT watching grown men play a game but rather were watching a promo for the local Fox News station. What the hell was that all about??!!!
  • Shame, shame, shame on the officials for pulling the flag back in the 3Q. They initially flagged the Giants for Defensive Pass Interference but after hearing AND seeing Giants Coach Tom Coughlin run onto the field to argue, the zebras met and yanked the hankie. That my friends was the quinessential "home call"
  • Someone actually gave money to make yet another Friday the 13th movie?
  • And it what may have been THE strangest moment of the day. Yours truly, with a bevy of breakfast treats to choose from, chose to eat a bowl of oatmeal... OATMEAL! No scrapple. No pancakes. No eggs. Freakin oatmeal! But it was good.
For the 2nd straight week, the Eagles dramatically improved their 3rd Down efficiency on both sides of the ball from the First Half to the Second.

Call it halftime adjustments, call it any damn thing you want.

The fact is their ability to maintain drives offensively while stopping drives defensively in the Second Half is a major reason they are moving on to Arizona.

New York Post .com:
"... it's Andy Reid re-winning the hearts and minds of his skeptical fans now, and it's Donovan McNabb converting a legion of doubters into acolytes, and it's a green-clad team with wings on their helmets who are starting to bear the unmistakable look of a team charging along with adrenaline in its engine and the wind at its back."

"The Giants' Super Bowl victory last year will always be looked back upon as stunning, impressive and downright astonishing. But it will not be viewed as the start of a dynasty... The biggest culprits in today's loss were Eli Manning for throwing two interceptions, John Carney for missing two of five field-goal attempts (from 46 and 47 yards) and an overall offensive attack that seemed to be missing a top-flight wide receiver target."

"The Giants will look back on this game, and kick themselves for not taking advantage of numerous opportunities, and not turning field goals into touchdowns. As for the season itself, a 12-4 regular season means nothing, because of a one game and done playoff appearance. The Eagles deserved to win this game. The Giants will look back on this season and wonder what went wrong."

"GOD-FU$#ING-DAMNIT! HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED! The Eagles!! We lost to the God-Damned Eagles! Andy Reid most likely spent the majority of his week analyzing the properties of a twinkie, and yet we still couldn't score one frickin' touchdown! When I wake from my drunken stupor in a few days I'll come back and talk about what this means for the Giants. But for now, I retreat to my basement with a bottle of Jack Daniels to soothe things over. Cause at least Jack Daniels doesn't disappoint me by blowing two fourth and short conversions in an important playoff game. Motherfu$#er."

The word "emotion" is often overused when it comes to sports. Watch this video and watch the emotion pour out of of Brian Dawkis, AKA The Wolverine.

With all due respect to the memory of Gang Green, this Eagles Defense is truly something special. No superstars per se, at least not to the level of Reggie White.

But this group is playing with so much confidence right now and so much heart, another overused word in sports I readily admit but it's the right word to describe this unit.

Just watch the back to back 4th Down stands and you tell me what word would YOU use to describe them?

To win in the playoffs, you must have a great defense. And right now, the Philadelphia Eagles have a great defense.

Hey, in this crazy year, let's quote Olivia Newton-John, shall we?

"You have to believe we are magic
Nothin' can stand in our way
You have to believe we are magic
Don't let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive
Destiny will arrive
I'll bring all your dreams alive
For you"

As always, time's yours, food's mine.


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