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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Morning After

Not sure how many of you are reading this on the actual Morning After or on Monday when you’re back in work. Regardless, I hope you had a nice Turkey Day with your family.

Let’s get to it…

Be jealous… be very jealous of me. Why? Because I got to watch the game with not one BUT two MQs. One being the normal sidekick Mark Quinlan, the other being his brother Michael. So this was truly an extra special Turkey Day for me… TWO M. Quinlans for the price of one. How sweet is that?

So who was this who sang The National Anthem? Mario? Does Mario have a last name? In this world of Ashanti and Usher, why can’t we have at least one artist named Bob Jones or Mary Smith? Is that too much to ask?

I like traditions. I really do. But I am also aware that some traditions need to come to an end and forcing the Detroit Lions on the free world every Thanksgiving must come to an end… now. How many more 47-10 debacles must we endure before the NFL wakes up and realizes… ‘hey, the Lions suck! Why are we putting them on Thanksgiving every year?’

Bob Papa is much better than Bryant Gumbel but that’s no saying much. He and his partner Cris Collinsworth did not disappoint last night.

Papa, following Josellio Hanson’s Interception “That’s Hanson’s first sack of the year.”

Collinsworth at one point said in talking about the Eagles’ receivers “they’re not very talented.” Yet, on at least two occasions, he referred to DeSean Jackson as “special.” So, the Eagles receivers, talented, No? Special. You bet.

Does anyone need any more proof to know that the most important person to the success or failure of the Philadelphia Eagles is not Andy Reid or Donovan McNabb but in fact Brian Westbrook? As #36 goes… Of course having at least ONE other threat on offense surely wouldn’t hurt.

I readily admit that I notice things that perhaps “normal” people would otherwise not (notice). Maybe it’s from watching too many episodes of Columbo, Quincy and Baretta.

I don’t know. It’s just who I am. I can’t remember anything my wife tells me yet I notice and retain the most trivial of things. Go figure.

I say all this because I noticed something in the Home Depot spot that ran during the game. The commercial starts off with a husband and wife discussing their plans for the day. One says they’re going get this, the other’s going get that. It turns out they’re both going to Home Depot but what I noticed was that as they’re leaving their driveway, they each drive off in a different direction.

Which of course got to me thinking ‘why, if they’re going to the same location, do they go in different directions?’

Man, this one’ll keep me up at night for some time…

Now, where’s my meds?

Ok, it’s official the NFL officials are flat out bad. How bad? Well they’re so bad that even after reviewing a play, they STILL get it wrong.

The play I’m referring to happened in the 2Q. A Cards TE caught a pass that clearly hit the ground but somehow, some way, the officials still got the call wrong. It’s one thing to get the call wrong yet correct it after replay but another thing altogether when you review the play and still screw it up.

Through a little more than three quarters, Kurt Warner had thrown for 3 TDs. One guess who the Eagle DB was on ALL 3? Paging Mr. Karr... Mr. Thomas Karr... Are you now ready to resign your post as President/Founder/Sole Member of the Lito Sheppard Fan Club?

DeSean Jackson had himself an interesting game. A fumble on a punt return that in it of itself was a hustle play as he thought Jason Avant had inadvertently touched the ball. Later, he scored a touchdown and capped it off by chest-bumping Big Red as he got back to the sideline, guess who got the worst of that?

  • Brian Westbrook. As stated previously, as BWest goes, so goes the Eagles Offense.
  • Brian Dawkins. Quite simply he was everywhere last night. Vintage Dawkins.
  • Jim Johnson. Great scheme vs. a great QB. Nuff said.
  • Donovan McNabb. Face it, Donnie Mac had a good game. Not great but a good to very good game.
  • Anquan Boldin. Ok, he plays for the bad buys but he sure helped the good guys, didn't he?
A very good NFL win against a good-to-solid NFL-caliber team. So what does it mean? It means that these Eagles are still quite capable of playing at a high level. Will they make the playoffs? No one knows of course. But this game sure made the rest of the season, at least the next game, worth watching, didn't it?

As always, time's yours, food's mine.

Til next time.


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