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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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NFL Rankings & Other Things

A lot of movement this week...
1. Cowboys (last wk:1) --- Favre or no Favre, going into Lambeau and putting the game away in the 2nd Half like they did is pretty impressive.
2. Eagles (last wk: 5) --- A big jump to #2 you say? Well they deserve it based on their play and the play of the teams they jumped over.
3. Giants (last wk: 3) --- When you struggle AT HOME vs. an inept team like the Bengals, you should move down; fortunately for the Giants the teams below them didn't do enough to warrant it
4. Broncos (last wk: 4) --- They won so why aren't they ranked #2 or even #3? Because the Broncos, for as dynamic as they are offensively, are also perhaps the luckiest team on the planet right now
5. Titans (last wk: 9) --- Again, part what the Titans are doing and part what the rest of the league is not; all the Titans do is win
6. Bills (last wk: 10) --- see #5
7. Steelers (last wk: 2) --- Ben was in the sack more than Paris Hilton
8. Jags (last wk: 15) --- We all know this team was better than their record showed; this could be the start of something following a big win against a suddenly very pedestrian Colts team
9. Chargers (last wk: 11) see #8 and replace Colts with Jets
10A. Packers (last wk: 7) --- A loss is a loss is a loss, but... it was against the #1 team in the NFL, so...
10B. Patriots (last wk: 6) --- I know, I know... how could they lose like that at home to that team? But are the teams below the Pats any better?
11. - 22. --- These teams are all essentially the same: mediocre: Colts, Panthers, Saints, Bears, Vikings, Jets, Bucs, Skins, Seahawks, Ravens, Cards, Falcons
23. - 26. --- These teams are not quite good enough to be mediocre: Browns, Texans, Niners and I'll throw the Fish a bone and include them here and NOT in the next grouping.
27. - 32. --- These teams are... well they're not good. They're deplorable. They're embarrassing. They're borderline NFL Teams at best: Raiders, Lions, Bengals, Chiefs, Rams

How the Yankees could not have a single reference to either Joe Torre or Roger Clemens during the video tribute at the last game ever to be played at Yankee Stadium is mind-boggling. It becomes even more improbable when you consider that players like Chuck Knoblauch, whose as much a Yankee as I am, were in the video.

Look, it's New York so at the end of day, who cares? But, what's wrong is wrong. And this wrong. And shame on the Yankees Management for choosing to not include these two key people in their history.

Whom do I see in the NFL League office about enacting a new rule which states that the Points Allowed Statistic (by a given Defense) does NOT reflect those points that they themselves did not allow?

To wit: Why does it state the Eagles Defense have allowed 50 points when we know that's not the case? Why is the Defense penalized for points allowed by Special Teams or their own Offense?

What's been driving me crazy lately is hearing all the announcers say following this past Sunday's game... "After allowing 41 points to the Cowboys last week, the Eagles..." NO!!! They didn't allow 41 points, they allowed 34!!!

'Til next time.


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