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Friday, March 21, 2008

The O Zone

So rounds 1 and 2 of the freshman dance are over and 16 remain on the floor, waiting for their turn to trip the light fandango once again.

Before I get to my thoughts on the past 4 days worth of games, why is it there is no cute, catchy title for the 2nd round of games?

We have:

The Field of 64
The Sweet 16
The Elite 8
The Final 4
And of course the championship game.

But why no moniker for 32? Well I for one cannot sit idly by and let this gross miscarriage of justice continue. Try these on for size:

The Thinking Man's 32 (ok, I'm just getting warmed up here)
The Thankful 32
The Thoughtful 32
The Threatening 32 (ooh, now that's scary!)
The Thrilling 32 (now we're cooking)
And here's the best one yet...
The Thundering 32!

Ok, these all suck and now we know why there's no catchy title for this round.

As for my thoughts...
  • Personally, I have 9 of the 16 left, including my Final Four - I picked all #1's to get there, finally. (UCLA over NC in the final).
  • All week leading up to Round 1 we kept hearing how Villanova was either among the last or THE last team to make it in. We heard how tough their matchup would be against Clemson. We heard they had the lowest chance of the Philly teams (along with St. Joe's & Temple) of moving on. Well a funny thing happened on the way to the rodeo. Jay Wright and Co. are playing with house money and I expect them to let it ride from here on out.
  • And if I told you before the tournament started that 3 teams from the Big East would make it to the Sweet 16, you would have guess Pitt, Louisville and Georgetown, right? Maybe UConn. West Virginia? Nah, not in lieu of one of these teams. And Nova? No way.
  • I was not surprised in the least to see Duke barely make it out of Round 1 and ultimately falling in Round 2 to West Virginia, as I predicted. This marks the second straight year the Dukies have not made it out of the 2nd Round and the fourth straight year they have not made it to the Final Four. Is Coach K no longer "Special K?" Well, that's a little presumptuous but it does make you start to wonder if he can still get the same kind of players he once could to compete at the highest level.
  • Unbelievably one of my teams from the D.L.P.E.A.R.C.W. (Dumb Luck Pool Even A Republican Can Win) is still alive: Western Kentucky. And for their efforts, the Hilltoppers get to be road kill, courtesy of the UCLA Bruins.
  • And how 'bout Davidson? Who'd a thought a team named after the former host of That's Incredible would advance to the Sweet 16?
Bugs Up My Butt...
It's a new feature to my BLOG. To be politically correct I chose the word "butt" instead of the more popular use of the phrase - "I got a bug up my ass." The reason is I did not want to offend any member of the jackass family.

So here now are the Bugs Up My Butt for this day:
  • NO TURN ON RED signs. I said this years ago and I'll say it again. I have an idea that can save taxpayers millions. Okay, maybe not millions. More like thousands but a savings nonetheless. So what's my idea? Cease and desist immediately all production of NO TURN ON RED signs. Why? Because no one uses adheres to them! They've become like turn signals. They've become optional to many drivers. Just this morning I was behind a car at a red light and posted directly in front of us were not one, but two NO TURN ON RED Signs. Naturally the driver chose to completely ignore this mandate and proceeded to turn right on red, smack dab into oncoming traffic, barely averting an accident. Obviously the driver was thinking to himself 'hmmm, a no turn on red sign, no wait there's two. Well they don't mean me. I can turn whenever I want.'
  • Wet snow. This two-word phrase was part of the forecast last week in the Philly area. "Possible wet-snow later today" was the verbiage I believe. What in the name of Al Roker is wet snow? Isn't ALL snow wet? What am I missing? Okay, perhaps from a meteorological standpoint it means rain mixed with snow. But c'mon, to us laymen folk, snow is snow.
  • This one's not so much an insect in my rectum, as it were, as more of a 'What are you people thinking?' Near my house lies a Dunkin' Donuts, no great feat of course as there are DDs essentially ever few miles, or does it just seem that way? Anywho, the one near my house, like many others, offers the convenience of Drive Thru service. Come to think of it, this does pertain to a bug up my butt as when I do use the Drive Thru service, I am greeted by a recorded message spoken in perfect English. However when I reach the window to pay/pick up my order, the voice greeting me has more a Babu Bot sound (Seinfeld reference). But what makes me wanna say 'What are you people thinking?' is the sheer number of cars, trucks, SUVs and the like that will wait in the Drive Thru line instead of getting out of their cars, trucks and SUVs. These people would rather wait in line than park and enter on foot to complete their transaction and be on their way in a much more expeditious fashion. WHY???!!!! Are we that lazy as a society? You know an entrepreneurial and industrious person could make a killing by offering to go inside the store and make the purchase for these people as they wait inside their cars, trucks and SUVs. Personally I hate to use the Drive Thru but I do from time to time, particularly if my wife is with me, she loves the Drive Thru. Of course even when we use the Drive Thru at say McDonald's, she still has to peruse the menu as if Roast Pheasant Under Glass will be an option one day. 'McDonald's...' she wonder aloud. 'What do they have here?'
'Til next time.


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