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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Veritable Cornucopia...

Normally around this time of the week I unveil my NFL rankings but is it really necessary anymore? Does anyone think a team NOT named Patriots, Colts or Cowboys will win the Super Bowl? Me neither. So until further notice, as in next season, NFL rankings are hereby suspended for complete lack of interest.

Now, for the other things currently taking up space in my cerebellum.

In the Vick of time...
"I'm not convinced you've fully accepted responsibility." Those were the telling words from US District Court Judge Henry Hudson to Michael Vick before handing down the 23-month sentence for dogfighting charges.

Hank, I could not agree more with your statement. From everything I have seen and read, Vick's mea culpa is mea weak-a. Many Vick supporters are of course bemoaning the fact that Vick received more jail time than two of his cohorts. But to me the message is loud and clear: Michael Vick was chiefly responsibly for the heinous acts perpetrated against these defenseless animals as he financed AND actively participated in them. Add to the mix his unrepentant attitude and you have a 23-month prison sentence. Justice was served. Case closed.

Going Down Standing... Pat
So let me see if I got this straight:

Today the Astros and our old pal Ed Wade acquired Miguel Tejada while the Giants signed Aaron Rowand to a 5-year deal. Meanwhile the Cubs are very close to signing Japanese star outfielder, Kosuke Fukudome.

And wither the Phils and Stand Pat & his trusty sidekick At Rest Ruben?

Yes they acquired closer Brad Lidge. I said it then and I will say it now: I like the deal very much. But how long ago was that?

But could that be it? Am I missing something? Surely they did something else to improve the team? Oh yeah they resigned JC Romero. How could I have forgotten that World Series ticket-punching transaction? Shame on me. And for chrissakes please spare me the 'Ryan Madson will be healthy' nonsense. I have never, NEVER been a Madson fan nor ever will be. Fine, he's a body and an arm. Great. So's my 3 year-old son and I don't want him pitching for the Phils, either.

Rest assured Phils fans, they are not done spending or wheeling & dealing. You can expect to see a journeyman outfielder here and/or an at-best 4th or 5th starter there. What you WON'T see are the Phillies overspend to improve their team. What you WON'T see are the Phillies mortgaging their future (whatever that may be) to add a key cog to an already impressive lineup & average-to-above-average pitching staff.

The Phillies are a contradiction in terms of sorts. Stay with me.

They have arguably 3/4 of one the greatest infields in the history of the game. That may sound outlandish but remember they have two MVPs and a third who has all the talent win one.

The contradiction comes in the form of their outfield for as great as 3/4 of their infield is, their outfield is average at best.

Not a big Shane Victorino guy but I can live with him as the every day centerfielder. Jayson Werth? Showed some good things last year but can he do it over the course of a full season? He has never played more than 102 games in one season. And Pat the Bat? Well he is the ultimate What If tease.

What If he could consistently maintain a level all season long? He ebbs and flows unlike any other player yet when the dust settles on another season his numbers look solid.

And speaking of What If...

What If... Eagles Style...
Wondering aloud here but What If the Eagles had resigned Donte Stallworth?

What If
they had been willing to part with a 4th Round Pick for Randy Moss?

Admittedly both players come with their own extra baggage BUT along with that extra baggage comes some major talent.

The questions I have for Joe Banner, Andy Reid, et al are these:

If you are, as you claim to be, the Gold Standard of the NFL along with teams like the Patriots, why then did THEY go out and get these 2 players and YOU did not?

If another Gold Standard team thought enough of them to go get them and take that supposed risk, doesn't that tell you something?

What it tells me and any sane, rational thinking Eagles fan is YOU are not a Gold Standard team. In fact, you are quite far from it. Bronze maybe, but Gold? No way.

To paraphrase Jack Nicholson in the movie Batman, "this team needs a good enema."

And when you're at the CVS or Rite Aid gettting a Fleet's, pick up an extra-large size box of the new General Mills cereal, Reality Chex. First bowl should go to Andy Reid himself cause he needs it.

Then share it with everyone because I truly believe this sense of entitlement and 'we're-better-than-you-cause-we're-the-Eagles' has permeated the entire organization.

'Til next time.


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