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Friday, December 21, 2007

I hate to say I told you so, but...

Look, I am not bragging about this for sure cause a 3-year old could have predicted what the Phillies would do next in the off season.

On December 12th in this very space I wrote: "Rest assured Phils fans, they are not done spending or wheeling & dealing. You can expect to see a journeyman outfielder here and/or an at-best 4th or 5th starter there."

This week the Phillies signed outfielder Geoff Jenkins, late of the Brewers and starting pitcher Chad Durbin, late of the Tigers.

Now I am NOT saying Geoff Jenkins is a journeyman BUT he is 33 years old and not exactly the big name outfielder I was hoping they would land to replace Aaron Rowand. I will say if he can hit or get close to his career averages of .277/28/92 he will make a fine addition to the already impressive lineup.

If however, he has another year like last, .255/21/64... well that's gonna be a problem.

And it's that little two-letter word "if" that is most disconcerting because we are hanging that "if" on Pat Burrell, too. That's two ifs in one outfield.

There's as many ifs as there are Durbins on the team.

With Chad joining JD, we are now at the maximum amount of Durbins allowed by law.

On the surface, this looks like a decent move (Read: CHEAP). Last year for the Tigers, Chad Durbin started 19 games, going 8-7 with a 4.72 ERA, which is not horrible in the American League. However his hits to innings pitched and strikeout/walk ratios are not good, not good at all.

For his career he's pitched 465 innings, allowing 535 hits and he's struck out 265 while walking 193.

That my friends is not very good pitching.

So we wait and see if Stand Pat and At Rest Ruben have any other surprises for us, but something tells me this will pretty much be it until spring training.

In the Mood for Picking...
Don't ask me why but this week I feel like making some NFL picks. First time all year. Why now? I was pacing myself.

I will give you, for the first time, my Lucky Seven Picks for the week, and as Jody Mac says if they all lose, remember what you paid for them.

#1. Packers -8 over the Bears. Packers smell NFC Title Game in Lambeau
#2. Carolina +13 over the Cowboys. Cowboys smell NFC Title Game in Lambeau
#3. Bills +3 over the Giants. Bills win outright.
#4. Raiders +13 over the Jags. Let down game for the Jags.
#5. Chargers -7.5 over the Broncos. Despite Nervous Norv, the Bolts cover
#6. Browns -2 over the Bengals. What in the world has happened to the Bengals? Is it me or do they play better when they have players getting arrested every other day?
#7. Eagles +3 over the Saints. Revenge is sweet, sayeth the Donovan.

May your days be merry and bright...

Happy Holidays.

'Til next time.


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