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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I know the games dont count... YET

I realize its ONLY preseason, but... my observations, comments, what-have-you. NOTE: I did NOT watch the game in its entirety.

First Team Defense
  • Once again the opening drive yields points for the opposition and once again the run defense is a bit porous.
  • Some nice plays by Bunkley and Spikes but overall...
  • And I missed it but did the Ravens acquire Marvin Harrison or Terrell Owens? I was just wondering because the way William James was playing off the receivers, I figured they must have.
Offensive Line
  • The Big Kid did not suit up but... that was pretty pathetic. First string, Second string, Tenth string, whatever. Didnt matter. Blown assignments were all too commonplace.
  • AJ played... ok. Nothing great. Nothing horrific.
  • Holcomb showed why he is a backup... at best. Solid veteran for sure but if a team has to rely on him to start... well, you know the rest,
  • Kevin Kolb, to me, looked in control for the most part. Self confidence is not a problem for him and I think he showed some of that poise last night. It's was too early to speculate on how good this kid can really be, so let's not even go there.
  • Brian Westbrook looks ready to play the season now and should be placed in his hyperbaric chamber until the start of the season. Not worth the injury risk.
  • Jeremy Bloom looked impressive returning kicks. Sure handed, confident, great speed. If he stays healthy, he can and should break at least one this year.
  • Sav Rocca is a real big guy with a real big leg. And he showed it last night. So what if he doesn't know all the rules, yet. Neither did Rich Kotite and we let him hang around for a few years.
  • And for the record and upon further review, I do NOT think it was a cheap shot laid on Sav later in the game by a Ravens player. He (Sav) needs to learn and learn fast that he is a live player and thus subject to be hit, rubbed, smashed and overall thumped any time he steps on the field. The Ravens player did NOT lead with his head, but rather his shoulder.
  • And I must admit that watching that hit took me back to the Flyers/Devils series a while back and the hit Scott Stevens laid upon the unsuspecting Eric Lindros.
Ok, so its JUST ONE GAME and a preseason one at that. The good news is we wont have to wait long to see how Andy, et al adjust and correct the mistakes made last night.


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